Types of road races

Graded Scratch Race (Road)

Is a mass start road event, it is a race in which riders of similar ability, race together, they all start at the same time and cover the same distance. Graded Scratch races can be over various distances, each grade can be different if it’s a multiply lap course, with the winner being the first rider to cross the finish line at the end of the distance. As most races have 5 or 6 grades racing at the same time you are not allowed to use another grade to help you if your dropped or passed by another grade.

Handicap Road Race

Is a road race where all riders race of the same distance but depending on their grading and past performances riders are allocated a handicap time.
The riders leave at this time in small groups, riders in the group ride working together hoping to keep the others at bay, the best / fastest riders leave last, this could be an hour after the first and are known as scratch, if the handicapping is spot on, all riders will be together for the final sprint to the line. This is dependent on all riders riding to their best & the weather conditions being as expected when the handicapping is done, wind & rain can change the performance of the riders.

What makes a Handicap bike race?  Well, all the starters are grouped into similar abilities by a “Handicapper” in the days preceding the race. Yes, all the starters (old, young, fast, slow, men, women). On race day all the riders are let off with their respective groups onto the same course at different intervals.  The slowest group will start first, the second slowest group will start a few minutes behind and so on.  The time intervals between the different groups is determined by the Handicapper.  The Handicapper will take all sorts of things into consideration when determining who is to be in each of the groups and the start interval (riders’ previous race results, who in the various trade teams have entered, weather conditions, course profile, etc).

The first group starting the race is called “Limit” (could be starting with a 30mins advantage).  The next group that starts is called the “26 minute group” for example.  All the way down to the second last group which is called “the Chopping Block”, and the final group to start is called “Scratch”.  Scratch is obviously the fastest group of the bunch.   Scratch starts the race with a large time disadvantage (eg. 30 minute) and need to catch up to every other group in order to win.  If the race is handicapped properly and fairly, all of the groups should catch each other in the closing kilometers of the race.

The Ken Dinnerville Memorial Race Roll of Honour

  • 2017 Simon Anderson – Eastern Suburbs CC
  • 2016 Scott Law – Marconi CC
  • 2015 Nicholas Brain – Penrith CC
  • 2014 James Bernard – Dulwich Hill CC
  • 2013 Brad Martin – Illawarra CC
  • 2012 Chris McAlorah
  • 2011 Sue Forsyth
  • 2010 John Forrest
  • 2009 Matt Backhouse
  • 2008 Sam Moorhouse
  • 2007 Glen Wiltshire
  • 2006 Ben Travers
  • 2005 Sheamus O’Halloran
  • 2003 Phillip Barden
  • 2002 Ross Hodgson
  • 2001 David Page
  • 2000 Ashley Hutchinson
  • 1999 Katherine Bates
  • 1998 Peter Milostic
  • 1997 Peter Milostic
  • 1996 Damien Pollard
  • 1995 Peter Clayton
  • 1994 Joe Lette
  • 1993 Andrew Wheeler
  • 1992 Steve Williams
  • 1991 R Vella
  • 1990 Adrian Marshall
  • 1989 Ann Maree Collis
  • 1988 C Hanney
  • 1987 D Jeffrey
  • 1986 S Grace
  • 1985 Frank Conceicao
  • 1984 Roger Crocker – Illawarra CC
  • 1983 Carlo Paiola
  • 1982 Garry Sutton
  • 1981 B Stevens
  • 1980 Lionel Covington – Illawarra CC
  • 1979 Stephen Rudd
  • 1978 J Dennard
  • 1977 R Crowe
  • 1976 R Crowe
  • 1975 K McAugh
  • 1974 K McAugh
  • 1973 G Sansom
  • 1972 V Adams
  • 1971 K Hoole
  • 1970 John McLean
  • 1969 R Whetters
  • 1968 M Lubke
  • 1967 G Hyde
  • 1966 R Wallis
  • 1965 C Jones
  • 1964 W Rudd
  • 1963 Alf Overton
  • 1962 T Wills
  • 1961 W Biddle
  • 1960 G Holder
  • 1959 John Connelly
  • 1958 S Carroll