Criterium Point Score Summer/Winter Series

Illawarra Cycle Club Criterium Pointscore Series on Thursday beginning this week, so ENTER today.

Starting 1. This week, and every second week thereafter, there will be prize money for 1st, $25, 2nd, $20 and 3rd $15 in each graded race.

The Illawarra Cycling Club will run Criterium Pointscore Series Races.
· Summer – October to March, Thursday nights 5 pm – 7 pm

· Winter – April to September, Saturday afternoons, 2 pm to 4 pm

In these Series, prizes +/or prize money will be offered for overall Series performance, and, if so, there may be prizes +/or prize money for each race.

Race Grading
2.1 Races will include A, B, C, D, women and junior grades. Other grades may be introduced at the Committee’s discretion.
2.2 The Club Handicapper will do the initial grading of riders.
2.3 Women may race in the women’s or the graded races, but once they have competed in them, they may not return to the women’s race.
2.4 The Club Handicapper may move a rider down a grade if they think it is required.
2.5 A rider must move up to the next grade when he/she accumulates 20 points or has three wins in a grade
2.6 Riders moving up a grade (whether moving up voluntarily or following 2.5 above) will take half their accumulated points into the higher grade. (excepting rule 1.2)
2.7 If a rider in B grade elects to go up to A grade voluntarily, then that rider can take all points with him/her, but they cannot drop back to B grade within the current Series.
2.8 If a rider in B grade gets to 20 points or three wins and is 55 years of age or older, then that rider may elect not to go up to A grade (with the agreement from the Club Handicapper). In this case, the rider will receive no additional prize money for weekly placings but will keep ½ of any other points they gained towards their final points tally in the point score competition. They will still be eligible for an overall prize after the Series.
2.9 Riders who have earned points in a grade may not drop back to a lower grade during a Series.

Series Points Allocation / Prizes
3.1 At each race, placegetters earn Series points. The allocation is as follows (except as per the Race Format and Rules section above)

1st: 6 points

2nd: 4 points

3rd: 3 points

4th: 2 points

5th: 1 point

All competing riders receive 1 point.

3.2 Series points are tallied, and at the end of the Series, the top 5 points scorers in each grade will be awarded cash prizes.
3.3 The Series Prizes are allocated from a pool, a total of $1 per rider for each race. The total amount is divided by the number of grades (A, B, C, D, women) and distributed as follows:

1st: 30%

2nd: 25%

3rd: 20%

4th: 15%

5th: 10%

3.4 The Committee may vary the allocation of prize amounts at their discretion, including where riders are on equal points.
3.5 The Committee will review the Series points and allocation of prize money at the first Committee meeting after the conclusion of the series. The Series prize money will be distributed at or before the first race of the following club Series.