Types of racing


Max 8 riders, jockey for position behind a motor cycle and with 1 lap to go the motor cycle pulls off the track and the riders sprint to the line.


This event is a mass start race sometimes the event is called miss – and – out because the last rider to cross the line. Riders are eliminated every lap after the initial laps are completed a whistle is blow to indicate the first elimination lap. The field diminishes rapidly until there are only a few riders left to contest the final sprint.

Team pursuit

Same as the individual pursuit but races in teams of 4 riders through the advantage of sitting on behind another rider and each rider doing a turn of pace at the front, a team will travel faster than an individual. The team time is based on the third rider to cross the finish line.

Time Trial

This event is an individual race against the clock over 500 or 1000 metres.

Points Race

Points Race is a mass start event, points are awarded to the top placing riders in a series of sprints contested at various intervals during the race on designated laps. Sprint laps are indicated by a whistle being blown on the proceeding lap. The winner of a Points race is the rider who has accumulated the most points during the race.

Motor Pace

Riders take turns behind the scooter for 8 laps and the rider on the front with 2 laps to go may stay on the front. Scooter will leave the track with one lap to go, then a race to the line.

Scratch Race

A mass start event, it is a race in which riders start from scratch (on equal terms) and all riders cover the same distance. Scratch races can be over various distances with the winner being the first rider to cross the finish line at the end of the distance.

Team Sprint / Olympic Sprint

Timed sprint event, team of riders line up one  behind the other, each riders does a ½ lap and then pulls up allowing the following rider to do their effort until the last rider finishes and a team time is recorded.


The event is between 2 riders (one on one) over 1 & ½ laps of the velodrome. Riders often play at actual game of “cat and mouse” over the first part of the event in an attempt to keep the actual sprint down to 200–300 meters.