Womens Cycling

In the past few months Illawarra Cycle Club have recruited a few more women as members some have ridden bikes all their lives but never raced. Finally they have taken the plunge and joined our ICC women’s contingency. The women’s masters teams and elite women’s teams enter various road and track events held throughout NSW and Australia. They train together and support one another during these events. Its all about having fun, staying fit and pushing your cycling boundaries.

For any information about Womens specific racing with the Cycle Club, women’s events, group road rides and all things chic related please contact Jules Verheyen on chicscyclecoach@gmail.com or call 0423129493

On the Track

If you wish to have a go on our Velodrome using a fixed gear bike (its not that scary 😉 we train Tuesday nights from 530pm with Club Coach Gary Mandy he will do a Intro to Track session to explain the rules and to ensure your safety. The intro costs $15 and you will need to book yourself a session before you are allowed to ride in the group.

To do this Contact our club coach Gary Mandy on Ph: 0400623666 or email Gary gmandy@bigpond.net.au The club does have a few spare track bikes for those wishing to have a go.