Illawarra Cycle Club Race Rules


The objective of these rules is to promote safe, fair and enjoyable competition in compliance with the requirements of the relevant authorities, and with regard for other road users. When signing on for an event, riders commit to abide by these rules.

In particular it is essential that each rider makes a personal commitment to do his or her best to ensure the safe and smooth conduct of each event in which they participate.

Racing is conducted in accordance with the rules of CNSW Federation supplemented by the ICC rules as set out below.

Where there is an inconsistency between the Federation rules and the ICC rules, the Federation rules shall apply. Where the ICC rules do not address a particular circumstance, the Federation rules shall apply.

In addition the Club endorses the Australian Cycling Federation’s code of conduct which applies to, and has been notified to, all of its members and licensed competitors.

Before the Race

  • It is each rider’s responsibility to ensure that their bicycle is in a roadworthy condition and that they are wearing a helmet which complies with the Australian Safety Standards.
  • Register and sign on at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the races.
  • When warming up before your event, do not impede the riders who have already started their event.
  • Riders must use the toilet facilities provided, urinating in public will incur a $100 fine.
  • Listen for and take notice of the starter’s/commissaires instructions for each event.

During the Race

  • All riders must comply with the Traffic Act and all directions given by the police, commissaires, Traffic Controllers or other race officials. Our continued permission to race is dependant upon it. Courtesy must also be extended to other road users.
  • Traffic Controllers will do their best to control traffic but the final responsibility rests with riders to ensure their own safety.
  • Riders must not assume that all vehicles will obey the Traffic Controllers instruction. Be prepared to take evasive action in case the vehicle doesn’t stop and warn the other riders in the bunch.
  • Ride as straight a line as possible in the bunch and do not make any sudden sideways movements.
  • When getting out of the saddle ensure you keep pressure on the pedals to avoid throwing the bike backwards.
  • When cornering keep the same arc on entry and exit i.e. enter tight exit tight, enter wide exit wide. Do not cut in on another rider’s line.
  • Any rider who cuts inside witches hats on a corner will be disqualified.
  • Raise your arm if you have a puncture or other problem.
  • If you retire but keep riding i.e. turn short, remove your number and do nothing which will affect any of the other groups racing. In particular do not ‘pace’ any riders still competing and keep clear of the finishing straight.
  • Front riders: warn group about traffic and hazards ahead.
  • Rear riders: warn group about traffic approaching from the rear.
  • Show courtesy to other road users and race officials. Anti-social behavior and language will not be tolerated and offenders will incur a penalty and may be suspended.
  • When passing other groups or grades, give them due consideration:
    • pass on the right hand side, maintaining a gap of at least 1m between the two groups.
    • wait until there is a distance of at least 10m between the two groups before cutting back in
    • do not pass and then slow down. This only impedes the other group which could be in a breakaway.
    • do not try and force your way through at turns
    • in effect, avoid doing anything which may affect the normal progress of the other groups.
  • When being passed by other groups or grades:
    • in a scratch race do not take shelter or any other advantage from the overtaking group.
    • in a scratch race allow the passing group to get clear and stay at least 25m behind.
    • do not try to re-overtake the passing group if it is in a higher grade except if you are in a final sprint.
  • The two bridges on Marshall Mount Rd are neutral. The give way signs are to be obeyed when there is oncoming traffic.
  • Riders must always stay on the left hand side of the road, riders will be disqualified for crossing an unbroken center line.

In the Sprint

  • Back off early if it’s a big field and you know you are not competitive.
  • Once you decide you want to be in, go all the way – do not slow abruptly.
  • Ride a straight line, however tempting it maybe to cut in or out.
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars.
  • The entire road width may be used.

After the Race

  • Return to the judges and claim your place.
  • Promptly return your race number and timing chip.
  • If possible remain for the race presentation and any information being given by a Committee person.
  • Assist with packing up if required.
  • Ensure that the area is left in a neat and tidy state.

Offences, Protests and Complaints

  • Offences observed or reported will be dealt with in accordance with the Constitution and Rules of CNSW.
  • Protests arising out of the conduct of the Race must be made in writing to the Commissaire. A fee of $10 is required which will be refunded if the protest is successful.
  • If any member or competitor wishes to make a Complaint about any matter other than rider conduct, a complaint in writing should be lodged with any member of the Committee. The Committee will consider each Complaint and its decision will be communicated in writing to the complainant.

Suggested Paceline Riding, ie Swapping Off Turns



Tour De Huntley

Format of race

  • 9km time trial, one lap to Railway Bridge and back.
  • 18km (1 lap to Marshall Mt hall) scratch race with a sprint at the top of Marshall Mt hall before the turn and at the top of the Hooker hill on the return lap.
  • Distances are approximate.

Time bonuses:

  • The fastest five TT times will be awarded time deductions of 15, 10, 6, 4 & 2 seconds.
  • The sprints at Marshall Mount and Hooker Hill have time deductions of 5, 3 & 1 seconds for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.
  • The final sprint at Huntley time deductions are 10, 6, 4, 2 and 1 seconds for the first 5 places.


  • The rider’s overall time is calculated by subtracting any time deductions they have accrued from the sprints during the Scratch Race and the TT from their Scratch Race time.
  • If riders are equal on time then the rider with the higher placing in the final sprint of the scratch race is placed in front of the other rider or riders.


  • TT bikes(and helmets) can be used for the Time Trial.


Barbara Wyles Handicap

Barbara Wyles handicap for U17 and older – 54km(twice to Calderwood Rd and once to the railway bridge)

Patricia Gooley junior handicap for U15 and younger – 9km


These are two of the most prestigious races held by the ICC Club each year. The races were started in 1988 and are held in recognition of the contribution that Barbara and Patricia have made over many years to the Club (and continue to make).

 In addition to trophies the BW will have prize money of $?? divided between the first 7 to finish, two fastest times and first female to finish.

In addition to trophies the PG will have Raw Energy vouchers.