Sydney Road Championship – Results

Conditions were excellent for racing at Penrith Regatta Centre with ICC getting some sensational results;

MM3 – Nick Burke – 9th and Rod Child 22nd

MM5 – Neil Arnold – 1st

MM7 – Mark Morgan – 3rd

WMAS C grade –  Heidi Montgomery – 1st

WMAS D grade – Kym Daly – 3rd

JW19 – Lucy Cliff – 4th

U23 – Aidan Kampers – 11th

JM19 – Jarrod Williams – 6th

My race MM3 felt like a 70km criterium race as there were attacks going every lap! I was just trying to hang on, I got dropped after 50km when a gap opened up and I couldn’t bridge over to the main pack, better positioning for next time. It was the 1st time I have raced at the regatta centre and found it an excellent course! Nick Burke  was supper strong all race (especially the neutral zone 2.5km before the start where he put 5om into everyone, LOL) and from his account got a little boxed in at the sprint to finish 9th.


I found these pictures from the race