Ride for Kate – A great day out

Today I was reminded why I love riding bikes. There is something about the suffering that brings us together because with the suffering comes a sense of achievement and camaraderie.

Today I saw more than 100 people, possibly 150, turn out on a cool winter’s morning to support one of our crew. Her name is Kate and she has had a rough time these last few months.

Before today I didn’t know Kate personally but that didn’t matter. In her story I saw myself, I saw the many people that I have ridden next to, behind and in front over more than 10 years of cycling. It was an inconspicuous crash that has produced a lifetime of consequences. It has seen her call on reserves of resilience that I can only hope are inside me somewhere too.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kate’s husband Neil and interviewing him for the ICC website. You can find that story here [https://illawarracycleclub.org.au/…/a-chat-with-neil-scrut…/]. That day we spoke about doing something to involve the cycling community and show our support. Today that idea germinated in to something really special.

To all that gave their time I say thank you. In both Kate and Neil I saw a depth of gratitude that words can’t really explain. Lets keep riding our bikes and looking out for each other. Lets hope to see Kate back out on the road again soon.

Tim Packer.

An after thought. Sometimes we ponder why bad things happen to good people, but the Scrutons are something else. About a week ago Neil messaged me saying ‘now that we are through the worst of it with Kate I want to get more involved in the club and start volunteering and helping out’. As a club we are struggling with helpers as well as racers. I am still struck by Neil’s willingness to help others. Truly inspirational stuff.