Mitch Wright World Championship – Wrap up

Dear Phil and ICC members,


I’d just like to thankyou for the ongoing support from you all and the contribution made towards my trip to the World Championships. The experience while I was over there was incredible, from doing recons on the Time-trial and Road Race courses with the best riders in the world to just simply sitting at the dinner table and speaking to some of the more experienced riders where we were able to take tips and develop a greater understanding of what it takes to reach our goal of one day being in there own shoes fighting for the elite rainbows. I was lucky enough to come away with 17th in the Time-trial (48sec off first and 2nd first year u19) as well as 23rd in the Road Race where we had just shy of 200 riders, climbs, cobbles and plenty of crashes (including two from myself-one with just 500m to go). Still an amazing time and easily the best racing I’ve ever done. The level of expertise by the whole Cycling Australia team was also another level from our mechanics, to our soigneur, our coach and even just the riders also made me feel so at home and made the trip so enjoyable. Once again thankyou, pulling on the green and gold was an indescribable feeling and without the support I would’ve never gained this amazing experience 

Thanks again,

 Mitch Wright

The dust has barely settled on his twenty seventeen U-C-I Road World Championships tilt, but Wollongong teen Mitch Wright is already focussed on winning next year's crown.The Australian Road race Champion arrived home from a gruelling trip to Norway late last week, with a few bumps and bruises for his troubles.

Posted by WIN News Illawarra on Tuesday, 3 October 2017