Meet the MMAS2 State Criterium Champion – Jordan Ross

Fresh off a win at State Masters, I asked a few questions of Illawarra Cycle Club man Jordan Ross. Read all about it here.

You’ve had a stellar season by anyone’s standards. Most recently you won the MMAS2 State Masters Criterium. What are your other highlights from this year?
I won Cervelo Masters Division 1; NSW Masters Premiership and narrowly missed the podium at the Elite State Criterium.

How do you compare the results alongside each other? Does one stand out as particularly special?
Probably Cervelo Masters. The team worked so hard for me across each round and I was desperate to deliver for them and repay the faith – so winning the final race in a handicap format was pretty special.

What was your journey in to cycling?
I’ve got love for all sports and as a kid I played rugby league in the winter and raced motocross in the summertime. I focussed on rugby league for 10 years and then triathlon and Ironman before cycling.

What is the most interesting place you’ve ever ridden a bike?
Probably my home town in the UK (Skipton). I never rode road bikes when I lived over there so when I went back last year for a holiday, riding the local roads was a spin out – they were awesome and I’d never made use of them.

What is your favourite ride in the Illawarra?
Sparrows Jambo loop (if you know, you know).

Any advice to someone considering giving racing a go?
Just get out there and enjoy it. There’s grades for everyone and you can improve quickly if you think about what went well and what didn’t each race. I’m of the belief it’s better to come dead last trying to win than save your legs and sprint for 5th – if you’re racing clubbies, roll the dice and back yourself!