FAQ for the Ken Dinnerville

Where is the race being held?

The 62nd running of the Ken Dinnerville will be held at Gunning (near Goulburn). Unfortunately the road surface for the usual circuit at Dapto is unsafe for racing.

Who runs the event?

The event is organised and hosted by Illawarra Cycle Club. There is a tremendous amount of history preceding the event which was first run in 1958!

How do handicap races work? 

For the uninitiated, think about handicap racing like a good old fashioned game of ‘catch me if you can’. Small groups of 10-20 riders are released at intervals of 2-3 mins. After the first bunch goes the next one is expected to be a little bit faster, and the next one faster again, and so forth. The last group to go, referred to as the ‘scratch’ bunch, will go approximately 25-30 mins after the first bunch. That’s a lot of ground to make up in just 88km!

The aim in a handicap race is to work with the fellow riders to catch the bunch in front and eventually get to the front of the race. From there you can fight out the win

Which group do I go in? 

Grading is always a tricky question, especially for handicap races. Upon registering for the event you will be asked to nominate your desired bunch. That will be qualified against your grading held with Cycling NSW to ensure you are ranked fairly against other riders. If you haven’t raced the Dinnerville before, the most important thing is getting down and having a go. If it turns out your bunch was too hard or easy that can always be adjusted the next year

How does feeding work? 

No feeding is allowed. You must start with all of your food and water for the race

When is the event?

Sunday 21st July 2019. Sign-on from 8.30am; First bunch starts at 10am

When is the cutoff to register?

Midnight on Sunday 14th July 2019

What is the course like?

Two laps of an out and back circuit. 23km out, 23km back. Repeat twice for the 92km total distance.

How long is it? 

92 km.

Where is it? 

The start/finish line is on Cullerin Rd, just east of Gunning.

How do I enter?

Entries are managed via the Cycling NSW website