COVID-19 Update 21-May-20

There has been some updated advice provided by CyclingNSW and CyclingAU. The latest statements from each can be found here:

To summarise, CyclingAU suggests keeping a distance of 1.5m to the rider next to you and 10m to the rider in front of you. CyclingNSW suggests a distance of 1.5m to the rider next to you and 1.5m to the rider in front of you. CyclingAU suggests a maximum of two riders riding together while CyclingNSW says groups of up to 10 are permissible.

Many clubs across NSW continue to abstain from sanctioned rides and racing. This reflects the uncertainty as to the safest approach as well as community perception of large groups of riders using public roads.

Taking these factors in to consideration the ICC Committee will continue the current pause on club sanctioned training rides and races. Riding solo or in pairs, separated by 1.5m, is the suggested approach at this stage. In the meantime we will continue to monitor the guidelines provided and will update the position as the conditions change. We all want to resume ‘normal’ riding but need to be respectful of the advice being provided. The support of all riders is appreciated during these testing times.