ICC Sunday ride

Event Details

Sunday 5 July 2020 - Friday 31 December 2021
7.00am - 10.30am
Distance: 60

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The Illawarra Cycle Club Sunday Ride Details and Rules

The ICC Sunday morning group ride is back.  The ride details and rules are provided below (please ensure you understand the ride rules prior to attending)

Ride details:

  • Meet opposite Unanderra Pools (First Ave Unanderra) by 7am on Sundays (during the Winter road season and non racing days)
  • The ride will depart at 7:05am (group will wait if a rider has advised they are running late)
  • Ride route: Lake loop (60km)  https://www.strava.com/activities/1668921590 or
  • Riders requiring a toilet break or water refill, the group will stop at the Service Station in Albion Park
  • If we are racing there may not be as many people.


Ride rules:

  1. The ride is open to all club members and non- members.
  2. Club members are asked to wear their club kit to promote the club and its sponsors (weather permitting).
  3. Helmets must be worn at all times during the group ride.
  4. Riders should attach and turn on bicycle lights to aid in the visibility of the group to other road users.
  5. The group ride will have a designated Road Captain or Captains (depending on how many riders turn at Albion Park for the Jamberoo loop).
  6. Riders must adhere to the Road Captain’s directions at all times.
  7. The Road Captain/s will decide on the pace/speed of the group ride, giving consideration to all riders in the group. This is a “No dropped riders” group ride.
  8. The group will be a two rider abreast formation and all riders must be within 1.5 metres from each other, in accordance with the current RMS NSW Road Rules (see link here)
  9. Riders will take turns setting the pace at the front of the group. Riders that do not feel comfortable taking a turn at the front, can swing up and return to the back of the group, no questions asked!!
  10. This is a social ride and not a race. All riders are asked to maintain the pace of the group and be considerate of others.  If a rider or riders not adhering to the pace set for the group, will be advised to attend one of ICC’s scheduled road races as this ride is not for wannabe racers (see ICC’s Race Calendar link here).  A current Cycling Australia race licence is required to participate in ICC road races.
  11. Riders not adhering to the pace/speed set by the Road Captain, will be allowed to ride off the front of the group. Remaining group riders will be advised not to chase/follow any riders disrupting the pace set for the group.  If other riders wish to chase, “You are on your own”.
  12. Experienced club members are asked to provide assistance and advice to inexperienced riders on the basics of riding in a group i.e. do not overlap wheels when behind a rider, do not half wheel another rider, calling out road dangers to other riders, use of hand signals etc.
  13. During the ride route/s, there are several high speed descents and riders should prepare for these descents by moving down to the drops of their handlebars, covering their brake levers and allowing a small gap to form between the riders to avoid any dangers on the road and or cause accidents.
  14. Riders at the front of the group must call out clearly or use hand signals (see link here) to inform group riders of any potholes, broken glass, other debris, changing traffic signals, slowing at roundabouts and if vehicles are turning in front of the group. The signals need to be made in a timely manner to avoid any accidents within the group.
  15. Riders that have a puncture must clearly call out and signal a flat tyre and that they are slowing to the rest of the group. Group riders will be required to wait and where possible assist with the repair.  Riders that are unable or not willing to wait for the repair to be completed can ride off on their own.
  16. Where the group is required to merge into another lane, the riders at the front of the group will be required to indicate a lane merge by raising their hand and pointing to the other lane. Riders at the rear of the group should check for approaching vehicles and call out “Over” if it is safe to merge or “Wait” if there is a vehicle approaching.  The call of “Over” should only be made once it is safe to merge.  The rider/s making the call at the rear of the group, should also put out their hand (left or right) to inform the vehicles behind, the group is merging into the other lane.

If all the rules above are followed, the group ride should end in a safe and enjoyable manner and riders rewarded with a well-deserved coffee and breakfast at a location determined by the Road Captain or group.  Please note riders must bring their own money to purchase the above as it will not be provided by the Road Captain or the club.

Happy and safe riding and we hope to see out on the ICC Sunday morning ride.

Illawarra Cycle Club