NSW Road Championships and Scratch Races April 9th 2017

A return to the Southern Highlands Greenhills course. ICC riders were represented in the Div 2 scratch race and the U23 and Open championship races.

Not a good start for ICC as Div 2 was a very hard and fast race and Neil Arnold, Rod Latham and Dave Raymond weren’t able to finish with the main group.

Much more impressive were the rides of Aiden Kampers (U23) and Scott Bradburn (Open). Both finished 4th after being in the winning move at the end of the race. Aiden helped a team mate to the podium and Scott was outnumbered in a group of 4 with 3 St. George riders. Amazing work from both to get in contention at the end on a very unforgiving course.

An attempt to summarise Scott’s description from over the phone:

          The race was dominated by St. George with 10 riders versus other teams with 4 or less.

          Early break included one from each team which suited Scott and his Mobius team.

          Several groups tried to jump across over the next few laps. Always with a couple of St. George and Mobius where they could.

          Each lap, on the Bendooley climb which is a tough 500m climb each lap and is also the finish climb, the main group was able to accelerate and either catch or control the groups ahead.

          On the second last lap the groups started combining on Wombeyan Caves Rd climb which is a long 3km drag. Over the top the race was back together. At this stage everyone was tired and it would be a battle of attrition to the end.

          Once again the attacks started with St. George dominant. The numbers at the front of the race reduced to 6 with 4 St. George riders, Scott and Troy Herfoss. Scott was then able to follow the next attacks and 2 dropped off with Scott and 3 pink guys left who kept attacking. He was able to bring them back for 10km or so but in the end two went up the road to contest the win.

          Aidan played his cards with an attack on the last climb a few hundred metres out from the hill top finish, Unlucky to secure a podium finish Aidan rolled in 4th, 16 seconds off the winner Micheal Potter.


Dave Raymond and Scott Bradburn for the contribution.

Some of the rides on Strava:

Aiden https://www.strava.com/activities/933985366

Scott https://www.strava.com/activities/934173489

Dave https://www.strava.com/activities/933988132

Neil https://www.strava.com/activities/933878528


The open race was won by local rider Brodie Talbot, riding for St. George, who was at the front of the race all day. See a report from the team here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/STGCCteam/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1292219850873983