Tour Down Under (TdU)

Luke Britten

The tour down under was a very fast and wild race in my experience of it!

Trek night riders criterium

This crit was defiantly the fastest crit I have ever done with averaging 50kmh for 45 minutes. It was a perfect crit with flowing corners and longer straights with not breath of wind making it a super-fast night. Everyone was nervous for this race including me so everyone was making silly mistakes in the bunch which caused a lot of crashes. One crash happened in front of me and I narrowly missed someone’s head on the ground. I finished the crit very happy to have survived and stayed up right but with my focus more on tomorrow with stage 1

Stage 1
Stage 1 was the hottest race I have ever done with my Garmin recoding a max temperature of 48 degrees. There was no wind at all and the majority of the stage was in the direct sunlight so everyone was cooking in the heat. I went through 8 water bottles of during the race and yet that still wasn’t enough I felt. This race was very fast until the break went and then it settled down. But about 60 km in there was an attack up a small two minute climb that destroyed the bunch and sent it splintered into small little groups, it took a while for a peloton to establish itself again and luckily I was able to be in it. Then for the rest of the stage there was multiple attacks from the peloton yet none where able to catch the breakaway

Stage 2
Stage 2 started on top of Mount Lofty which meant we had a long decent at the start of the race which was very very fast. It involved descending in a bunch at 90kmh down a road that majority of us had never seen before in their lives. This race was a lot cooler then stage 1 and it finished in a 10km circuit which we did 4 laps and each lap had a three minute climb in it that was very solid. Each lap we went faster and faster up it until the last time up it the race was all split up again due to a very hard attack on the peloton.

Stage 3
Today was the day everyone wants to watch with the final few kms going up the famous Willunga hill. This stage was the fastest road stage of them all with long flat roads and a strong wind creating lots of times the race was put into the gutter in the crosswinds and times where the tailwind had us rolling along at 80kmh. The race was pretty tame until the last 15km where the pace was just getting faster and faster before the bottom of Willunga. The pace we hit the bottom of Willunga was very fast and put everyone already in the red before we even started climbing the famous hill. In my opinion the hill was relatively easy it was just the fact that we were racing up it that made it so hard.

The tour down under was an amazing experience that I loved every single part of it and had an awesome time racing. Would definitely do it again if I get the chance.