ICC Club Scratch Race + Police Games Race 36km | 48km

Event Details

Sunday 20 October 2019
8.30am - 11.00am
Distance: 36km | 48km

Race Map

A and B are 48km.

4 laps over Mount Marshall and back.

C and D are 36km.

3 laps over Mount Marshall and back.


Race description


The course will be a shortened version of our regular route to avoid the bad parts of Avondale Rd. The course will stay on Marshall Mount Rd, with the start/finish point at the Dog Track. That will be the turnaround point at one end, and the other end will be over the top of Marshall Mount and before Calderwood Rd (same as the Dinnerville turnaround point).

The race will be four laps totalling about 48km. Four times over Marshall Mount will no doubt sting the legs (three laps, 36km for C and D grade).

We have traffic marshals stopping the minimal vehicles at all turn arounds and intersections.

Races start at 2pm. You need to be there at least 15 mins prior so you can register and pin on your number. The cost for general club races is $15 paid on the day.

How to get there

Drive and park somewhere near the corner of  Penrose Drive and Avondale Road.

Or if you are keen for a warm up pre-race, a pack ride leaves Figtree Cellars carpark one hour before the race. The pack ride quite often heads for a coffee and chat post-race.

Good luck to all racing!